Complex puzzle

Complex Puzzle is a Coming to Age Historical Fiction of a trusting black girl growing up in a family of 7 children to a single Mom.  Her mother, having experienced may hardships, feels Kimberly is a target to those who have negative intensions.  Kimberly’s mother, The Queen as she calls her, is hard on the youngster as she tries to prevent the streets from absorbing her.  It’s evident that Kimberly fails to understand the hardships faced by blacks in the late 1960’s so The Queen tries in the only way she knows to get Kim to toughen up.  Kimberly, being a teenager, fights her mother, as she believes she is not loved. At the same time her eyes open to the racial problems in Baltimore city and the country.

Chapter One


So I'm a slow reader but I did finish your book and I pray that the majority of the stuff in it was

NOT real because WOW if it was!!!!

    - Les

I just finished the book, it was excellent.

     - Lou

The first 4 chapters kept my attention.  Can't wait to read the rest of the book.

      - Gloria

The beginning of the book was so emotional, I had a hard time sleeping.  I wanted to slap so sense into that mother.  But by the ending of the book I fully understood her behavior.

      - ZG

Historical Significant 


     In 1968, the city of Baltimore, Maryland had a population of approximately 900,000 residents with more than 30% being African American.  Most African Americans lived, attended school and worked primarily in the Western and Eastern portions of the city.  A significant number worshiped the Catholic religion, lived in sub-standard housing and had more than double the rate of unemployment than that of White Baltimoreans. 

     African Americans enjoyed such iconic venues as The Royal Theatre located in the Western part of the city.  It was an African American owned theatre that featured performers like Cab Calloway, Nat King Cole, the Temptations and other Jazz greats. 

     African Americans students in the Baltimore City school system received an inferior education compared to white students.  Though desegregation of schools was legally forced upon school districts Baltimore had failed to comply.   The City justified their actions as they created districts for each school.  Since African Americans and whites lived in different parts of the city districting kept schools segregated.

     Though the Black Panther Party was under the eye of the FBI, its membership was still open to those that qualified to join.  The Black Panther Party struggled during 1968 as they were constantly harassed by the Baltimore Police and FBI.  The Black Panthers Party was formed by Mr. Huey Newton and Mr. Bobby Seale and its main purpose was to protect African Americans from Police brutality.  (Duncan) Black Panthers evolved into an organization that fought for the release of African Americans from jail.  They also were committed to fighting for African Americans being compensated for centuries of exploitation.

     On April 4 African American Baltimoreans protested the treatment of African Americans after learning of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The protest included rioting, looting of businesses, raging fires and confrontations with Baltimore Police.  Thousands of people crowded the streets forcing the government to institute curfews.  Many African Americans either intentionally or accidently broke curfew and were arrested.  Many people arrested early in the curfew period were released from police custody only to be re-arrested that same night as they headed home.


Duncan, G. A. (2020, April 2). African Americans Panther Party. Retrieved from Americans-Panther-Party


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